Hi! I’m Christine but my besties & family call me Chris. I’m an engagement & wedding photographer which is pretty much the best job ever!! I happily live in Boston, MA but any chance I get to pack my bags and take a trip, trust me I’m there! I have a never ending bucket list of places I want to see  & my goal is to see and experience as much of it as I can one Instagram selfie at a time. Cotton Candy Ice cream with gummy bears is literally the way to my heart, but if  I’m being completely honest, I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth ever so don’t be surprised if a little candy makes a guest appearance at our shoot. I spend most weekends photographing couples but when I’m not busy shooting /editing you can find me on the beach flying my drone, binge watching the latest Netflix series (but lets be real, is there really a better show than The Office?!) or checking out the latest restaurants with my friends.
 Natural light is an instant mood booster for me, so I spend most summers soaking up the sun on the beach, swimming in the ocean or literally anything that gets me outdoors which is why I gravitate so much toward warm golden tones in my photos.  I love the dreamy glow that natural light creates in imagery, so any chance to get outside and shoot in the golden hours is my specialty. Shooting outdoors is my jam, I specialize in natural light photography & crave that rawness in my photos. I’m over the perfectly posed and want to get messy and raw in you and your lovers emotions. You know, those kind of photos where you can actually feel their emotions pouring off the picture. I’m after the crazy in love, face hurts from smiling, adventure seeking couples who don’t take themselves too seriously. Easy going, laid back, super happy kind of couples are who I vibe best with. Couples who are way more obsessed with one another than over analyzing how they look in a photo. I want to capture your love in its purest form whether that means cute cuddles, steamy kisses, dancing your bums off, or trying your hardest to not look awkward (that’s what I’m there for, I GOT YOU!!)  So bring you & your hunny, a good attitude, and you better believe we are about to create some serious magic!